4 Cheeses Kit
4 Cheeses Kit
4 Cheeses Kit
4 Cheeses Kit
4 Cheeses Kit
4 Cheeses Kit
4 Cheeses Kit

4 Cheeses Kit


Artisan cheesemaking kit. Make your own fresh Mozzarella, Ricotta (dairy or non-dairy), Paneer and Queso Blanco.

Easily make a total of 10 kilos of delicious and beautiful 500g cheeses at your own kitchen! 

Definitely a much better experience than buying your regular cheese at the grocery store.

Just add the cow or goat milk of your choice, you can also use non-lactose milk to make the ricotta, paneer and queso blanco. The kit includes all the instruments and healthy ingredients of the best quality to make cheese at home. It's very easy and delightful! 

Difficulty level and cooking time:

  • Mozzarella: Medium; 30 min (microwave oven) 1h (stove-only).
  • Ricotta: Easy; 30 min.
  • Vegan ricotta: Easy; 30 min.
  • Paneer (Indian cheese): Easy; 30 min.
  • Queso Blanco (Mexican cheese): Easy; 30 min.


  • Vegetarian rennet (microbial enzymes)
  • Dairy thermometer
  • Reusable cheesecloth 100% cotton
  • Cheese strainer
  • Citric acid
  • Cheese salt
  • Instructions and recipes

You will be able to personalize your cheeses by adding herbs, spices and other ingredients of your choice.

The shelf life of the ingredients in the kit is around one year.

Non-GMOs (genetically modified organisms)


No animal products

It's cheaper, healthier, tastier and a much more delightful experience than consuming industrialized cheese bought at the supermarket! 

➔ Preservation : The kit has to be kept in a cool and dry place and the ingredients have a shelf life of around one year. The leftover cheese must be kept refrigerated for up to 7 days.