Credobags Bulk Bags
Credobags Bulk Bags

Credobags Bulk Bags


If you've already embraced an eco-friendly lifestyle and decided to make a conscious effort to reduce the use of disposable paper and plastic packaging and bags, our cotton "Bulk" bags are a convenient reusable choice.

These bags are a convenient solution for storing products purchased in bulk, such as rice, pulses, nuts, coffee, pasta and grains. Use our small sizes for herbs or loose tea. The larger bags are suitable for lettuce, potatoes, celery, etc. Store them in the refrigerator or in a dry place to prolong the freshness of your food. Bring these lightweight bags when shopping for bulk products: they're light to carry and you can easily transfer their contents to your glass jars.

• A reusable choice when shopping for bulk products

• Lightweight and washable

• Three sizes (small, medium and large) are available

• Convenient drawstring

• Available in practical assortment boxes or complete boxes