Make-up Removing Pads Refill - Ola Bamboo
Make-up Removing Pads Refill - Ola Bamboo

Make-up Removing Pads Refill - Ola Bamboo

  • 16 bamboo fiber makeup remover pads
  • Reusable
  • Made from bamboo viscose (70%) and cotton fiber (30%)
  • This product contains a natural latex adhesive
  • Machine washable in a small wash bag (provided in starter kit) and tumble dry.
  • Biodegradable fibers
  • Bamboo cultivation is done without the use of pesticides or insecticides
  • The fiber / hectare ratio is one of the highest among textile fibers.
  • Bamboo forests absorb 35% more C02 than a regular mixed forest.

Washing instructions for makeup remover pads

Machine wash and dry the makeup removal pads, on the regular cycle, in the small wash bag included in the box. Normally they will come out well cleaned. The delicate cycle is not necessary and the cleaning will be more effective with the regular cycle, always in the mesh bag.

Note that the spots mostly depend on the type of makeup used, as some stain more than others. If there are stains, it is purely aesthetic; the pads are clean and can be reused without problem.

If stains persist or are bothering you, you can soak your makeup removal pads in a 50/50 mixture of baking soda and peroxide for a few minutes before washing them in the machine on the regular cycle.

You can also rinse your makeup removal pads with water after each use to remove excess makeup.