Chateau Knights Janod


Chateau Knights Janod


Offer a magnificent wooden fortified castle comprising with all the panoply necessary to deliver large battles against the enemy. The castle is equipped with a drawbridge which lowers and rises thanks to a rotating pulley system. The black grid and the walkway are completely removable. The walls and towers of the castle are very easy to assemble thanks to the system of interlocking notches. The floor decor is an ingenious 30-piece puzzle that children will enjoy putting together before starting to play. This castle contains 6 knights, 2 horses, 1 dragon and 1 cardboard puzzle of 30 pieces (60 x 60 cm) serving as a battlefield.

Product info
Dimensions 43, 5 x 35 x 37 cm
Material Wood, cardboard
Type of packaging Nice box with handle for easy transport

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