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Karibu is a brand that favors relaxation but it is also and above all the story of a family sharing the love of travel and discovery.

A fair trade store that takes you on a journey

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Karibu is a craft and travel goods store from all over the world. Located on Notre-Dame Street West, in St-Henri, the boutique offers, among other things, outdoor and travel objects in ultralight format, such as the "Ticket to the Moon" hammocks in Bali parachute canvas and sleeping bag sheets from Vietnam, as well as handicrafts such as bags and lucky charms from Madagascar, traditional foldable hats from Colombia, alpaca wool ponchos, bags and jewelry from Bolivia and Maasai jewelry from Tanzania.

Although its name may evoke the tundra, so written the word Karibu actually means "welcome" in Swahili - a name that seeks to bridge the gap between Quebec and distant lands. The store's mission is to introduce Montrealers to products created by artisans from around the world; products that are also fair and eco-responsible.

Karibu is an initiative of Émilie Bordat and Quentin Bordat - two French people living in Montreal with a strong social involvement in the NPOs of their neighborhood, Little Burgundy. Their love of travel has taken them to remote areas of South West Asia and Africa, as tourists or to contribute to humanitarian missions. They discovered beautiful and useful objects there that they decided to introduce to Montrealers while supporting the communities where they are created.

“These are really favorites discovered during our travels or at through unexpected encounters. It's not just decoration: all objects are useful, but they also have a story. We love to travel, and Karibu is a way of making people travel, it's a sharing of cultures. Explaining how things are made and how life is there is an integral part of how we offer our products, ”explains Émilie.