Bean Bags Karibu

Making bean bags for 7 years now, we have always made our cushions the way we would like them to be: large, comfortable, durable and reasonably priced. Come and try them in our store !!!
Best value for money on the market! Polyester fabric and not Nylon, so no unpleasant noise and optimum comfort. Water and dust resistant, you can enjoy your Karibu anywhere!
In the comfort of your home, to watch TV, play video games or relax, you will love your Karibu!
In the office, it will be perfect for relaxation rooms or for organizing informal or creative meetings.
Our bean bags are recommended by many professionals for their enveloping and therapeutic side, they are used in hospitals, schools and libraries in Quebec.
How to use your bean bag?
The chair
The shape of our bean bags ensures that they are vertically stable. This position allows us to have an upright posture without having to lean on the wall to support our bean bag. Ideal for working in the office or chatting with your friends. Move your body forward or backward to stabilize the bean bag and shape it.
You can also put the bean bag to the side and sit on the seam.
sitting position
The bed / flat
You can use your Bean bag flat for storage or to lie down on it. Nothing could be simpler, take the bean bag, drop it on the ground and voila!
The sofa sitting / lying
The sitting / lying position is the position most often used. This position is the most comfortable. Perfect for reading, watching TV or playing video games. From this position, you will only have to move your body forward to be in a sitting position and backward to be in a lying position ("hammock" position).
To do this, it's simple, put the beanbag to the side and tuck one end of the bean bag inside. The support is second to none!
In this position you can also use your beanbag in sofa position for 1 or 2 people. (see photos)